Hey! I'm Kait

Kait here! Business coach, brand expert, and boujee coffee shop addict. I guide creative, conscious and change-driven entrepreneurs how to tap into their purpose, power and potential through building impact driven brands and sustainable business models. My services span from helping you build your signature offer, cultivate organic and ethical branding and marketing strategies to developing sustainable and scalable sales strategies.

After coaching entrepreneurs like you for the past 2 years and my 6+ years experience as a business owner myself, I'm able to bring humility and simplicity to the table for my clients where they might feel overwhelmed. My work spans from helping you overcome limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset, discovering brand clarity, to creating social media and business strategies that are aligned with your values and brand mission. So that you can run your business with integrity and still earn a sustainable income.

My real and raw business journey that led me here today...

My business journey began back in 2015 when I started out as a freelance graphic and web designer, earning a degree in Visual Communications.
I started my career as a freelancer working with small local businesses and start up companies. After I graduated college I secured my first full time
in-house design position with a local publishing company designing magazine publications, ads for our local newspaper and seasonal promotional flyers for local businesses. After nearly a year into my cube life, big girl design job, I began battling with my autoimmune disease and struggled greatly with my mental health. With a twist of fate, our entire design team was laid off and outsourced, and I was left with an opportunity to change my path.

I loved design, but found cube life was not sustainable for my mental health and so with my new health challenges, I also found a new found passion in holistic health and wellness. After a short stint working for one of Etsy's top jewelry store's, I launched my next business, "Vegan Kait". A health and wellness platform, inspiring to help other peoples struggling with psoriasis heal from a plant based diet and holistic healing lifestyle.

I soon realized the potential I had to expand and monetize Vegan Kait beyond my viral youtube videos so I decided to take up fitness coaching. After a year into my fitness coaching business and wellness platform, I felt burnt out and out of alignment with my true purpose and decided to
re-direct to my own true north in my purpose through my passions.

This is where I found my current home in business and brand coaching for creative, conscious and change driven entrpnuers. Through my 6 years of experience working with businesses from corporate start up size to coaches and artists, I found a way to merge my methods + medicine to support those who need it most. 

Those with a vision and mission to create an impact and income while doing so.

A few things about me...

My values...

My two life and business core values are truth and freedom.

My coaching is always aimed towards guiding you home to your "own true north" within your brand direction and business mission. 

When we follow what is true to us, this not only allows us freedom and sustainability, but also those who we work with and impact because of it.

I want to make it clear that
this is a safe space.

I am welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ+ peoples, peoples of color and differing cultures as well as religious and spiritual practices.

I always aim to coach with empathy and place a large focus over building your business within the integrity of your own values, as well as how to market and make sales with soul and ethics in mind.

Where are you needing support on your journey?

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