likeminded community of creative and conscious entrepreneurs

Lessons on business development, marketing, branding, social media and conscious business practices

A safe space to find courage to explore your identity online and build confidence

A supportive environment to support you through the struggles of ENTREPRENEURSHIP  with mental health and nuero diversity

A place to make biz besties, collab and share your work

Learn how and be empowered to become a more socially and ENERGETICALLY  conscious entrepreneur

Are you looking for...?

Well friend, then you are in the right place

Welcome to your business school, membership community and society of conscioius and creative entrepreneurs 

Within the cce society you will find...

New Monthly Business Module trainings in a private
course portal

A membership community for questions and support
off of social media

Monthly mastermind support calls with Kait +
Society Members

Monthly collab call out's so you can begin collabing and gaining more exposure online and building community

Opportunities to share your work and promote yourself

Society exclusive virtual networking events and more...

New Monthly Business Module trainings in a private course portal

A membership community for questions and support off of social media

Monthly mastermind support calls with Kait + Society Members

oh and all this awesomeness too...

Nope not at all! Here we believe in making business education, resources and support accessible to the masses!

So whether you are a seasoned Entrepreneur looking to collab, make friends and little boost in your education and mindset...

or you are a newbie trying to learn #allthethings when it comes to starting and sustaining your business online...

The price will remain he same for you.

With all that value... this must be a high ticket membership right?! 

Monthly Business module lessons, templates, tool kits & workbooks - $500+ month

Monthly business mastermind calls - $500+ a month

Community support group and support from Kait directly - $200+ a month

Free virtual networking events, collaboration and self promotion opportunities - $200+ a month

Total monthly value... $1,400+ MO

$ $ $ Value breakdown

But you get to join us for just $24.99 a month

Enroll now for just $24.99 a month

Have some questions before you join the society?

Are there a minimum amount of months you have to join?
Nope! Join us and leave at any time! You will be charged for your one month however, and there are unfortunately no refunds at this time.

Are there any cancellation fee's?
No! There are not! You can come and cancel at any time with no hidden fee's.

Do I have to participate in the community group or calls?
You do not! You can join our monthly mastermind calls via our community group on mighty networks (link to join in your course portal), but these are not required! Join them at your leisure! They are however live attendance required and are not recorded for privacy purposes.

Can I book 1:1 calls with Kait too? 
Calls with Kait privately are not part of the membership. She will help answer your questions in the group. If you are looking for one on one calls, seek out Kait's coaching packages such as Summit or Evergreen.

Do your videos have subtitles for hearing impaired?
No, unfortunately at this time my modules do not. I hope to make my programs more accessible as I find the right technology in 2021.

For any questions about joining please email us at:

join the cce membership now

Meet your mentor...

Kait here! I've been a business coach for three years, am a three time business owner and have been an Entrepreneur for 7 years now!

I help conscious, creative and change driven entrepreneurs, small businesses and start ups discover their brand's signature message, cultivate ethical and high converting marketing and sales strategies and build sustainable systems to scale!

I approach my work by defining myself as a "conscious business coach", which means to me that I believe that purpose, joy and personal fulfillment should be at the top of our lists when creating a thriving brand and business.

My teachings are deeply rooted in value alignment, personal development and being an ally and disruptor to help create social change through how we build and run our businesses.

I'm a ridiculously big dreamer, adventurer and wildly creative and multi-passionate human. 

I love to hike, cook, spend way too much time on tik-tok, road trip and travel, do yoga, backpack, camp, thrift shop and being a beach bum.

xoxo-Kait Visser 

    Kait Visser 

What we value in this space...

This is a safe space for the bipoc and lgbtq+ community. We are the disruptors, we are the change makers.  

We value creating a safe space for you to come and learn how to create a more conscious, ethical and change driven business.

We equally value helping you create a business that is in alignment with your personal values, purpose and brand mission and vision.

A preview into our membership business CURRICULUM:

conscious marketing

conscious branding 

business development

legally legit

mental health and wellness

business sustainability 

leadership and embodiment 

sales and strategy

and more...

Join the cce society now

Pick a payment plan that suits you best!

monthly $24.99

6 month bundle
$134 (10% disc) 

3 month bundle
$71 (5% disc)

see you inside! - Kait

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