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The solution you've been waiting for to launch & sell ethically & effectively...

I will be teaching you the core foundations that have allowed me to have 4 figure, and all the way up to multiple 5 figure launches. Launching low, mid and high ticket offers.

These principles & methods can be applied to just about any offer and launch enrollment style, and are not only effective, but also ethics based. 

As well as empowering for you and your customer in the buying proces...

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How to create a

launch Funnel masterclass


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You avoid launching because you lack strategy, so sales are slow

You're too afraid to launch again because your previous attempts didn't work out how you'd hoped

You feel awkward or icky really showing up to market and sell your offer

You've experienced sales trauma, and hold back from selling because you don't want to cause harm...

To launch & market your offers with clarity and confidence 

Not being afraid to sell and feel empowered in your strategies

To have a plan and strategy for your routine launches and new offer launches

Is securing income consistently with launch and sales strategy that feel in alignment with their values 

is experiencing...

but deeply desires...

So what if there was a Roadmap that could give you a step-by-step strategic plan to...

-See what it takes to create an effective launch funnel in your marketing and sales strategy

-Know how to set yourself up for your best launch yet

-Feel confident and empowered with a new way of creating a more ethical & empowering launch & funnel strategy, that's also effective...

Would you take it?

... it's kinda felt impossible.

Because it seems like most launch & funnel strategies are derived from bro-marketing led tactics and don't feel like they'd be sustainable or effective for your brand?

But so far...

Hey pal, I'm Kait Visser

Kait here! Business coach for the last 3+ years, and entrepreneur for 7.

I've felt and experienced all these things about launching & sales too. From feeling awkward about selling, to experiencing my own sales trauma, to going all in on a launch & feeling like I failed and not wanting to try again...

That's why over the past few years I've been obsessed with perfecting my strategy. Not only for myself, but one that could easily be understood & applied by my clients.

So now, you and I can launch with integrity, peace of mind and well, make lots of money!

I've created a signature framework around marketing & sales that will revolutionize the way you view creating your next launch & funnel strategy...

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What my clients say about our work...

“My whole life shifted; Through working through Summit with Kait I was able to quit my serving job, I don’t teach yoga anymore; my trauma informed coaching has now become my sole source of income and it’s been beautiful! I’m so blessed to see how much change has happened in my life over the past 4 months. Since doing Summit I’ve had two successful launches, one over $10k and the other close to $20K! So I would definitely recommend business coaching with Kait!"

-Lauren, The Simplest Self 

"Soon before I connected with Kait, I was feeling burnt out after a little over a year of being in business. After searching up dozens of business coaches, I found Kait on Instagram. I saw her consistently show up with integrity, authenticity and relatability. I said YES to enrolling in Kait’s Summit program and I’m SO happy I took the leap. Since working with Kait, I created multiple new offers and established a solid foundation for my business to scale in a sustainable way which has allowed for more freedom and creative flow. Kait helped me get out of my comfort zone and make empowered decisions within the framework of my business while supporting me through the process. She challenged me while providing safe space for me to process my thoughts and feelings, and go at my own pace. What’s most amazing is that I now have tools, knowledge and confidence to continue planning and growing my business; even beyond working one-on-one with Kait. Not only was this experience deeply transformative, but working with Kait is also super fun and invigorating. It was worth the investment – in time, money and energy – and I highly recommend it. Thanks so much Kait!"

-Alex, Wild Astrology 

"Coming into working with Kait I had a big vision with no idea where to direct all my energy. Throughout working with her I was able to not only cultivate very clear brand awareness, I was also able to get very clear and intentional with the system and structures required for me to continue to show up in my business with ease. During our time together I created a program, started my launch, completed a masterclass (my first one), got very clear on my brand, my audience and create supportive systems to continue to help my business is it's growth. Very grateful for you Kait, can't thank you enough."
-Kayla, The Shadow Priestess 

“Kait is so DAMN AMAZING. For starters I was really struggling to go full time in my business. I’ve been doing side gigs for a very long time and most of all I just didn’t believe in myself and that I was going to be able to achieve this goal. Upon working with Kait, in just two sessions, I was able to go full time in my business! I know that seems absolutely crazy but I’ve worked with so many business coaches throughout my time of being a coach and no one has been as directive and helpful as Kait has been! She doesn’t just sit down and give you some uniform strategy to use for your business; she not only finds out what are the mindset problems that are getting in the way, but she just knows what is going in within you and what it’s going to take to get your business to the next level. She’s given me tips and pointers that I’ve never been given after working with many many other business coaches to help me go full time. I not only was able to go full time, but I also had a $20K launch. I didn’t expect that in just a few sessions I’d be able to move forward with that much clarity in my business”

-Amanda, Inner Child Coach

This class is high-impact, free, and will come with a special offer just for coming!

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