You see, you have the ability to capture your audience and share your story, just as you are, without having to sacrifice your truth + authenticity. 

Showing up as who you truly are, and honing in on your own unique "magick" within your work, and sharing your story is what needs to be celebrated, not suppressed.

This is the bridge between you and your dream clients.

If there was a way to reach more ideal clients & grow your audience without being
in-authentic and having to hustle....

...Would you give yourself the chance to do things differently? 

The Brand Magick course is currently closed for enrollment until April 2021.

Register on the waitlist here!

Constant insta-comparionisitis and fear that you are "not doing it right" when it comes to posting, showing up and sharing your message

Lack of clarity over who you serve and how to speak to them 

In-authentic branding and unclear messaging 

Inconsistent launch efforts and lack of consistent social media presence 

Being grounded in your truth and being able to hold your confidence with self-assurity 

Knowing exactly who your ideal client + audience is and exactly how to speak to them

Clarity over your message so you can flow, be creative and have FUN sharing your work

Posting regularly, creating authentic connection and making sales organically with more ease

It's time to leave behind...

So you can say hello to...

What if we could flip the script?

Friend, there's no secret... being able to finally feel confident, share your message from a space of authenticity and reach your ideal clients effectively.

Those who "just seem to get all the likes", didn't get there by accident, and truth is, there aren't any "better" than you.

They have just done one simple thing...

The good news is, doing just that, is available to you, too.

Because you also hold a unique story, set of gifts and way that you serve your audience 
that makes you stand out from everyone else in your niche.

And it's your job to help you access that magick so you can share it with the world.

...Discovered and honed in on their signature brand transformation and "magick".

What if you focused on what was "enough", unique and special about you as an individual and the work that you do?

Instead of thinking you need 10K followers and 200 likes to make a sale, what if you were able to create authentic connection and trust with your audience, that led to organic growth? 

Let's take a different approach to social then, shall we?

Instead of hacking the algorithm...

My approach to helping you land dream clients + show up with confidence

Taking a soul-centric approach to building your brand by digging into your self-belief and confidence, first, so that you show up from an energetically alinged space.

Crafting your message around your own signature story, transformation and shaping it by your values; to help connect you to (value-alinged) customers and clients for sustainability.

Create content and build your brand community, message and vibe from a place of self-assurance and proven strategic methods.

Why are we so nervous to share our message + magick?

You've decided you're going to be brave and post about your new offer, but when it goes to hit time to publish, your mind starts racing with self-doubt, lack and and worry that just stops you all together. Maybe it's not the right time?....(again)

Sit in front of your laptop, starring blankly at your new website trying to put the words together for your new course. You spend countless hours on your beautiful sales page, all just to launch with, crickets...Maybe no one wants my offer? Does it cost too much?...

or maybe you...

You just can't seem to figure out what YOUR voice is, exactly how to get your message to THOSE people you so eagerly want to serve...

so you end up taking no action and getting little results...

Time to so buh-bye to fear and stagnation and say yass to... 

Because the simple truth is, no one is ever
going to tell you... yourself permission to be confident, successful and get your chance at making an income doing what you love online, too.

...that you are ENOUGH now, there is "room for you" and that your offer is legit. YOU DECIDE. 

...I  think it's time you owned your own magick baby

- In just 6 weeks -

The create your own brand magick course is a branding and conscious marketing e-course and group coaching experience for artists, multi-passionate creatives and coaches and healers alike.

Taking you through the inward brand discovery process to allow you to discover your authentic brand identity and tap into your own creator power. 

So then you can have a clear vision for what you do, who you serve and how to get your message to the right people. Leaving you with clarity, confidence and a real strategy to show up on social media, build your brand and be able to make sales with more ease and less force.

Save your spot for
Brand Magick Spring 2021

6 weeks of e-course modules
& group mentorship support

16 module private e-course portal on Thinkific 

Facebook accountability group with
bi-weekly live Q & A sessions 

BONUS: 4 guest expert trainings (personal style, inner child healing for creativity, canva design and diy graphic design)...

Rachel bos

Kailee naumen

megan garcia

Ilyssa Herrington is a New York based Personal Wardrobe Stylist. She works with women who desire to have a seamless wardrobe that represents who they truly are, and reconnects them to their confidence by defining their style and dressing authentically! 

Megan is a trauma informed mentor, content creator, and inner child expert. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs connect with your inner child, create safety, and make space for fun and play. 

I’m Kailee and I run Eclectic Designs .CO a Brand & Website Design Studio located in Denver, Colorado. I work with passionate entrepreneurs on embracing their unique qualities to ensure they feel confident in themselves and industry by creating brands that shine! 

Rachel. of Chestnut Road Design Co, is a UK based Showit designer. Rachel enables purpose-driven freedom seekers to finally have a website that reflects the true value of their work through easy to use, high converting website templates.

Bonus guest expert trainings...

ilyssa herrington

A peek inside the course...

Module 1:
How to create "brand magick"

Module 2:
Inward brand discovery

Module 3:
Unlocking your inner Mystic

 Creating your brand ritual
and more...

All this magick broken into 3 easy stages & 6 weeks

Module 1:
Crafting your signautre 
brand "spell" 

Module 2:
"On-Brand" client profiling

Module 3: 
Crafting copy that converts

 Creating your energetic sales funnel and more...

Module 1:
Discovering your brand archetype

Module 2:
Developing your visual
brand vibes 

Module 3: 
Creating your brand's visual style guide 

Color psychology and more...

stage 1: Mysticsm 

stage 2: Spell craft 

stage 3: alchemy

Let's take a step into your new reality...

Knowing exactly what your "secret sauce" is behind your brand and what makes you stand out from everyone else in your niche

Confidently sharing your message, showing up consistently and building real connections

Having confidence in your work and how you show up, knowing what your message and vibe needs to be, and how to attract in your ideal audience

Hustling less, and flowing more with effective content and branding, that helps convert, for you

This could be you, too...


The group accountability + calls start on the week of October 18th, 2020 and will end by the last week of November 2020.

When you join you will receive an automatic email with your VIP Facebook accountability group link sent to you

Every week you will have the opportunity to get your direct questions answered by Kait in the FB group and in the bi-weekly live Q & A sessions

Yes! We have payment plans!

Love notes 

Reviews from womxn who activated their Brand Magick

The Brand Magick Course was exactly what I needed to help me understand how to not only clearly express what I do with my work and how to create content that represents what I do, but also how to connect to the energetic vibe of what I offer and what/who I want to attract towards my work. The content was able to assist me with looking deeper into what I wasn't allowing myself to see in regards to my ability to do this work with confidence and clarity. If you are ready to acknowledge where you need more clarity on your brand message and are also looking to show up in your work from a place of energetic flow than this is the course for you. Kait teaches us how to have fun in our work (even the not so fun aspects) with a sense of magnetism and authenticity.

- @alissas.illuminations

Love notes...

The Brand Magick course helped me a lot with identifying my brand spell & really understanding the story behind my brand. I got clear on my values & what I stood for so I can authentically filter out anyone who isn't my ideal client or who isn't drawn to me or my biz ~ this makes the process of connecting to those I know I can truly help a smoother process.

IG - @soul.creators

Kait's bright, cheerful, and vibrant unicorn energy is very welcoming and contagious. She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her work, which is helping others create and sustain an ethical, heart and soul-centered business. The Brand Magick Course really allowed me to dive deep and understand myself, my visions and passions, and how I want to bring my goals to fruition. There are self-reflection and creativity assignments to complete, which I found quite fun and insightful! Kait is transparent when it comes to her values, and she teaches how important it is to recognize and stand within your own values and truth. She is very supportive, and encourages you every step of the way.

Kait is committed to making the world a better place, and she is always working on herself so she can better serve the collective. After Brand Magick, I signed up for her one on one Summit course to take my career to the next level. I am loving it so far. Her work and her principles resonate with me and I cannot wait to expand and grow even more. Thank you Kait, for being a beautiful inspiration to the world! Your light shines so bright xoxo
- IG @sunshowers___

Hey love! I'm Kait Visser

I'm an expert in personal branding and organic marketing through Instagram. With 7 years of real industry experience, a college education in branding and design and a successful online business coaching business, I've found what works, and what doesn't in this digital world.

I took my business from just a $200 launch to results like over $20K launches just a year later from these same methods I'll be walking you through.

I believe in hard work and dedication, but I also equally believe in energetic alignment and the power of positive self belief. 

My work tends to be a blend of holistic inward discovery to find true soul-alinged clarity, to then help you structure your findings into strategic actions steps to help you make sales with soul! 

I can't wait to see you inside the e-course and group experience for Spring 2021 enrollment!  It's time to own your own Magick Baby! 

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