Lacking direction and clarity over what your big business vision is,
beyond what you feel "called to do"

Don't understand how to build your brand on Instagram how to attract
your ideal clients

Continue to stall on building your offer and launching it because you
have no idea how to shape and build your transformation and delivery 

Feeling clear and confident over your business direction and what to offer so that you can begin to generate an income from doing what you love

Having magnetic branding and marketing that converts for you and attracts in your soulmate clients and customers

Have systems and funnels in place that allow you to scale, sustainably, over time, not making you risk your values or wellbeing 

Doubting that you can even launch your dream business, be taken seriously and think maybe you should "just be more realistic"

Not knowing how to take your big dreams and break them down into actionable plans

Trying to cultivate marketing and sales strategies formulated from all the freebies, but not knowing what makes sense for your brand's approach and end up wasting more time than creating results....

You are currently...

...And you dream of

...But you're stuck in a cycle of

Only 1 spot left for the rest of the year! enrolling for fall 2021.

Well friend, I have good news for you!

Since 2015, I've built three businesses.  One from a place of pure creativity, another from hustle and lack and now have found a sustainable AND profitable way to build from your purpose through your passion, that is also wildly profitable.

I know that you are such a hard worker and have navigated some tough waters in your life alone before, but this trail, is something I've walked before you, and I believe that we need mentors along this journey. Especially when we want to fully step into our highest selves and fullest potential along the way.

After coaching women just like you for two years, I know all too well what you’re facing. 

So I’ve created a simple process that helps you overcome obstacles as a creative and heart-centered entrepreneur that you would have to face for the next 3-5 years and I’ve shaved it down to a simple 4 part process, in just 16 weeks.

As a former graphic designer turned, social media manager... turned wellness blogger and youtuber...turned fitness coach.... and now business coach...

I understand the journey all to well...

I think it's time you...

Establish a soul-aligned and purpose-driven brand and business that is sustainable AND scalable

Attract soulmate clients and customers through your own brand magick

Create a value-aligned strategy and book sales with soul

Posting regularly, creating authentic connection and making sales organically with more ease

let go of fear, scarcity and overwhelm and allow yourself to...

Starting the Summit to building your dream business has just begun...

If you’re here, you probably already know you’re ready to step into your own authentic brand identity and confidently build your purpose-driven dream business through Summit.

But maybe you didn’t know that when you become a hiker on Summit, you will be able to...

Become the higher version of yourself...

Step into your life purpose…

Be in demand by your dream clients…

Have a system to scale and grow for years to come…

Develop the mindset of a winner…

Become a magnet for abundance…

Through creating your big vision for your business and overall life and embodying the energy and mindset of your future self.

And stop wondering what you are meant to do and what “will make you successful” by following Kait’s True North brand + business direction method to help you fuse your purpose with your passion.

Through discovering clarity over your authentic brand and who soulmate clients and customers really are, and not just selling to anyone.

By learning what your money making activities are, how to implement aligned strategy and sell with soul.

By rewiring your mind for success with my signature re-neural mapping methods that enable you to break through long-lasting limiting beliefs.

By understanding and implementing the law of attraction in business and marketing by stepping into your true calling through your work that will attract what’s meant for you.

Stage 1: 

Stage 2: 


Gain a clear vision of your life and business big vision and finally be able to break it all down into actionable steps and achievable milestone goals. From here you will be able to discover your true north purpose through your work so that you have clarity over what you are meant to do, why you are doing it and how you will now be able to step confidently into your own power and flow in your work.

1-Exercises to help you map out your big vision and break it down into achievable goals and action steps to avoid overwhelm and begin taking action.

2-Break through limiting beliefs and create energetic alignment with your big vision with Kait’s RE-NEURAL MAPPING METHOD.

3-Begin your brand magic journey with Kait’s SIGNATURE TRUE NORTH branding method that enables you to build a sustainable brand and aligned business structure.

Reflect upon what you feel called to create and who you want to reach through your work and begin mapping out your aligned offer and soulmate client demographic. So then you can create ethical and profitable pricing for your offer with Kait’s equal-value-exchange method, and learn how to launch your Summit signature offer to reach your ideal client. 

1-Signature brand transformation offer, soulmate client discovery and equal value exchange offer mapping.

2-Develop a plan for creating a sustainable income through your business with Kait’s income calculating tool made just for you in Summit.

3-Create a launch plan and uncover the resources and compound effect actions that will you will need to manifest your goals through Summit.

Reflection + Direction

Stage 1 includes:

Stage 2 includes:

 Summit to your dream business through these 4 stages of growth:

Through the brand magic stage you will get clear over your own authentic brand identity and how to implement this through your social media business to cultivate brand magnetism to attract your ideal clients. Then you will be able to clearly see the unique brand transformation you provide so that you can begin to create copy that converts and strategically funnel leads to your offer.

1- Learn how to magically attract, nurture and convert ideal leads through Kait’s signature BRAND-MAGICK-METHOD.

2- Build your unique content map that you can now use every single time you create content so you can create clear copy that converts.

3-Create your lead magnet and develop funnels and filters for your ideal client

Finally through stage 4, you will now be able to confidently step into your own authentic brand power and hold authority in your own work. You will learn how to generate, nurture and convert leads through Kait’s soulful marketing and sales strategy methods that enables you to be profitable without undermining your values.

1-Learn how to confidently market and sell with your own brand personality and speak confidently in your own voice.

2-Develop your rinse-and-repeat strategy to help you reach and continue to reach your business and sales goals for years to come.

3-Learn how to use and implement soulful and ethical sales strategies in your sales calls, marketing and sales conversations.

4-Learn how to expand your brand awareness and reach so you can impact more and scale your business even after Summit.

5-Leave with confidence, a clear brand message and a soul-aligned offer and strategy with the bonus of a year long launch plan to continue to support you as you grow.

Stage 3: 

Stage 4: 

Brand Magick

Soulful Strategy

Stage 3 includes:

Stage 4 includes:

Value Breakdown...

Total value breakdown...

This is not just another spiritual
"business course" with no strategic backing...

This is a holistic, soulful and ethical approach to building your business strucuture, brand and developing a sustainable strategy for long term results. 

This is for soulful and creative entrepreneurs who are business minded and are ready to put in the work, and alignment, to achieve the results they desire.

Through the 5 months of Summit you will receive 10 one hour life and business coaching sessions with Kait. Kait’s approach begins with lifestyle and mindset alignment, business and brand direction and progresses into strategy as you become aligned and focused on what’s going to allow you to reach your Summit goals. Kait will always meet you where you are at, but I will hold you accountable and coach you where it’s needed . We will work together with clear expectations from the start, with full attention and present presence.

(Value $8,000+)

In addition to have one on one calls with Kait, you will also receive direct access to Kait through the Voxer voice messaging app.So that you have the emotional and strategic support as you progress through summit and work towards your goals every step of the way.

(Value $2,000)

Kait has developed her signature Summit-to-the-top method that breaks down your big business vision and goals into 4 simple stages and 4 months, all guided through module and journal based assignments via the Summit E-Course.This is a information-rich e-course filled with knowledge coming from Kait’s 6+ years of direct entrepreneurial and business experience, that is built to help you arrive at certain mile-marker points of clarity on your trail, so you can have confidence in your action through each stage.In addition, Kait has made sure that each stage of Summit is designed to compliment the opening of your creative mind, to grounding and integrative activities to reduce overwhelm and hold focus.

(Value $10,000+)

After your Summit you will have a VIP access to one-off coaching packages with Kait. One off and customizable packages are only open to Summit Alumni, and will be provided to you at very affordable rates, ensuring that you have ongoing support for your journey, without going into copious amounts of debt to be able to maintain your results!

(Long lasting unbeatable value)

1. One-on-One Coaching: 

2. Instant-access voice message coaching: 

(Bonus)...VIP future support:

3. Summit Business E-Course: 

-10 One-On-One Sessions with Kait - $8,000
-Instant-Access Voice Message Coaching - $2,000
-Summit Business E-Course: $10,000

Total Value Breakdown = $20,000+

But you get access to all this in Summit for 70% off the total value

I'm ready to start my Summit!

Hear what some of hikers have to say...

I'm ready to apply to begin my trek!


The Summit course is comparable to a business school! 

Each week of the course you will have a new lesson to dive into.
Some modules are face to camera video, and some are slide presentations where I felt I needed to give more visual representation! There is a good amount of reflective journaling with pdf exercises as well as action and organization tool kits as well.

The Summit course moves in a process from inward support and discovery, very much so in the femminine, moving towards more
masculine energy and a strategic focus near the end.

My approach is holistic and supportive of your whole being,
 but is business and results focused.

I coach with empathy, compassion and a deep understanding for many people, due to my personal life and business experiences, I am able to relate to connect with a wide variety of folx.

I am supporting of and welcome any and all LGBTQ+, peoples of color, as well as people with differing religious and spiritual practices, as long as they are in alignment with love, compassion and unity.

I do not include any spiritual practices within my coaching, but use tools and methodology relating back to the law of attraction, quantum physics and human psychology. My knowledge comes from 6+ years of experience and hiring some of the best coaches, myself.

Expect that when we work together, this will be a holistic and whole life and business alignment approach, but is ultimately geared towards the success of your business and stepping into your full potential.

It is also very important that anyone I work with understands, and also stands in solidarity with racial inclusivity and justice, with BLM.

What kind of content is inside the course?

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

Yes! This is not a business coaching course for those who are not serious about their passion and  getting results. 

This is for someone who is ready to make the time and financial investment in themselves to be able to get adequate help to reach their goals!

So with that, yes I do offer payment plans! A PIF option, a 2 month - 8 month payment option as well as the popular downpayment and extended payment plan option. When you apply for Summit, you will select which investment option best works for you. If for any reason this is not financial feasible for you, I will work with you to come up with budgeting goals or help you find steps to help you begin your journey from where you are at! Feel free to email me with any questions regarding this personally.

If you are currently facing economical and systematic oppression due to racial, cultural and/or environmental oppression, please feel free to email me with any questions about how we can make Summit accessible to you, too at:

What is your coaching like, and who do you work with?

Meet your coach for the next 5 months..

Kait here!...

Business coach, brand expert, and boujee coffee shop addict. I help heart-centered, creative and multi-passionate entrepreneurs discover clarity on their purpose through their passion so they can create aligned and magnetic brands and businesses and manifest financial freedom through soulful sales strategy.

So now, you can show up confidently on social media, attract soul-mate customers through brand magik and earn an income while making an impact.

After coaching women just like you for almost two years, combined my 6+ years experience as an entrepreneur, I am able to bring humility and simplicity to the table for my clients where they might feel overwhelmed. My work spans from helping you overcome limiting beliefs and scarcity mindset, discovering brand clarity, to creating social media and business strategies that are aligned with your own unique DNA and values. So that you can run your business with integrity and still earn a sustainable income”.

xoxo - Kait

Because when we build not only our brands, but our entire business structures from a place of abundance and value alignment, it allows us sustainability, which in turn, provides profitability and scalability.

And that’s exactly what we help you do, though Summit, scale to Success in 16- weeks.

Apply for Summit now

I made the mistake spending way too long being afraid to build a brand that was authentic to me and trying to find “what would make me successful” rather than following what I was called to do through my work. 

My sole mission is to help womxn just like become confident and empowered through discovering your own unique purpose and owning your authentic brand message, so that your truth will set you free.

I'm on a mission...

 More kind words...

“I would still be absolutely stuck if I wouldn’t have started working with Kait. She helped me figure out who my ideal client was and how to serve her. I was so confused about my direction before and now I am so clear on what I want from my business. I freaking earned my investment back in just two weeks of working with her!

She not only was my coach, but she became a good friend because she cares so much. Her coaching comes from her heart. She is a beautiful soul”.

-Haley Henderson, Confidence Coach

“Kait has been an excellent resource of structured business knowledge. Her support with growing a business from the ground up has been very helpful to the birth of Spiritual Insights. She specializes in creating brand clarity so you can ensure all content aligns with your brand mission and true beliefs. Her course, Summit contains a plethora of information to assist with aligned action and consistent values. I recommend her services to any seeking g to better understand their business and create a sustainable structure for continued growth!”

 -Caitlin, Psychic Medium

Ready to hop on a compatibility call?

Your next steps to beginning your Summit journey, in this One-on-One, course, hybrid experience is to first submit your application to see if you are a good fit.

From there, Kait will reach out to you, to schedule your free compatibility to see if we are a good fit to work together!

Summit, Summer 2020 in currently open for ongoing enrollment until filled. 

-Chat soon,
 xoxo Kait

Apply for Summit here

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